Campus recruiting has evolved. So has live streaming.
Focus on the candidates, reduce time-to-hire, and show ROI by using a unique platform for campus recruiting.
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Promote open positions and receive applications on one live stream.
Present your open positions across 270+ European universities, and collect qualified applications directly in your Applicant Tracking System.
With CareerFairy, you can
Improve recruitment KPIs
Reduce travel costs and time-to-hire by connecting personally with fresh university talent across Europe, without leaving the office.
Collect better-fit applications
Offer talent an opportunity to learn more about your company culture and team before applying, and receive more qualified applications.
Analyse recruitment data
Track key success metrics from participant to applicant, via our integration with 40+ Applicant-Tracking-Systems.
Making recruitment magic happen between

Here’s how it works

Step 1
Set it all up on one platform
Create your live stream and link it to open positions in the ATS. Select the universities to reach the right student and graduate audiences to fill your open positions.

DE&I and demographic factors such as field of study, level of study, language and country are also available to use when targeting.
Step 2
Customise your live stream page
Set up your custom live stream page, with speaker and company information and collect questions from attendees in advance.

NEW! Your company page provides additional information about what you are offering, helping university talent to identify with your employer brand.
Step 3
Promote your live stream at scale
We’ll promote your live stream on social media and throughout our network of 270+ universities based on your targeting criteria.

We’ll also send your sign-ups a registration email and 2 reminder emails to encourage them to join on the day!
Step 4
Hold your live stream
It’s showtime! Connect with university talent authentically, at scale, through interactive video features and in-stream chat.

And in addition, by integrating with your ATS, you can invite participants to join your talent pool or submit an application, all without leaving the live stream.
Step 5
Analyse participation and engagement data
Apart from collecting applications directly in your ATS, head to the dashboard and analyse such audience data as participation, diversity, feedback and much more.

And now... hey presto! You can make data-backed decisions on your future university recruitment programmes.

What our customers say

I have observed that the new generation of talent prefer digital space to physical events. So we adapted our approach and CareerFairy helped us to expand our reach to universities outside the region, hassle-free. For our future live streams we will be using the ATS integration feature to reach international university students outside Germany.

Vyara Tatarska
Talent Acquisition Lead EMEA

While we were not facing an issue with applications in general, we were having trouble reaching students in specific university programmes. The team at CareerFairy cracked the career services code, and got us in front of the best-fit students. Be warned: once you experience the incredible functionality and features of the platform first-hand, there is no going back to using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Deborah Birnbaum
Student and Graduate Recruiting Lead

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