Supercharge your university outreach.
Connect with fresh talent from 270+ universities on a single live stream.
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Deliver your employer brand message to university talent more personally.
CareerFairy provides a more personal connection to students across 270+ European universities. You can tap into the power of live streaming, while generating greater awareness of your employer brand.

Stand out from the competition for the most promising Gen Z candidates with a better culture fit.
With CareerFairy, you can
Make your employer brand resonate
Engage with hard-to-reach Gen Zs at scale through interactive and authentic live streams.
Target the right students
Choose which universities and study paths you want to include, to get your live stream filled with best-fit candidates.
Collect high-level data
Build a univerisity talent pipeline and make data-backed recruiting decisions, with crucial audience and attendance metrics.
Making recruitment magic happen between

Here’s how it works

Step 1
Zero in on your target universities
Select the universities you wish to target, in order to reach the right student and graduate-student audiences.

You can also target using DE&I and such demographic factors as field of study, level of study, language and country.
Step 2
Customise your live- stream page
Set up your custom live stream page, with speaker and company information and collect questions from attendees in advance.

NEW! Your company page provides additional information about what you are offering, helping university talent to identify with your employer brand.
Step 3
Promote your live stream at scale
We’ll promote your live stream on social media and throughout our network of 270+ universities based on your targeting criteria.

We’ll also send your sign-ups a registration email and 2 reminder emails to encourage them to join on the day!
Step 4
Hold your live stream
It’s showtime! Connect with university talent authentically, at scale, through interactive video features and in-stream chat.

The live-streaming format helps you build relationships with students earlier in their career journey, through conversations about topics they care about.
Step 5
Analyse participation and engagement data
At the end of your live stream, CareerFairy shares with you crucial audience registration and attendance data.

So you can make data-backed decisions on your future university recruiting drives.

What our customers say

What  our  customers  have to say

CareerFairy's live-streaming platform is, since the pandemic, an integral part of our early-talent attraction strategy. We organise live streams to talk to bigger audiences of potential applicants and then follow through with a physical event for a more engaged group. An analytics dashboard and the talent pool feature allow us to spot and talk with the best-fit candidates.

Nalan Ayyildiz
Campus Marketing & Relations Regional Lead Switzerland

Since starting to use CareeFairy’s platform around 2 years ago, we have seen a significant increase in registrations, and participation in our Traineeship live streams. As for me, I find it far easier to manage, as everything is in one place. It's also great that I didn’t have to undergo a steep onboarding process, as the platform is simple to use and the support is always at hand.

Kira Steffens
Expert Campus Recruiting & University Relations

Making university
recruiting feel like magic

Boost your recruitment team’s productivity
Shorten time-to-hire
Increase participation through promotion