Virtual Campus Recruiting can be personal, even at scale.

Organise and host virtual company career events for university talent. Link employer branding to your university recruiting process and seamlessly measure your success.

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Making recruitment magic happen between 300+ employers and 270+ universities.
Spend less time organising and more on what matters - connecting with university talent.
CareerFairy’s live-streaming platform helps you reach, connect to and recruit from a pool of over 1 million students across 270+ European universities.
We’ve cracked it!
Discover how university recruiting and employer branding specialists are now using CareerFairy to connect with university talent, at scale.

While we were not facing an issue with applications in general, we were having trouble reaching students in specific university programmes. The team at CareerFairy cracked the career services code, and got us in front of the best-fit students. Be warned: once you experience the incredible functionality and features of the platform first-hand, there is no going back to using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Deborah Birnbaum
Student and Graduate Recruiting Lead

Before partnering with CareerFairy, we were using Instagram Live to hold our career events online. The available features weren't suited to recruiting, so we looked for a more dedicated alternative and found CareerFairy's platform. It is full of interactive features for quality virtual recruiting events. My favourite is receiving the questions from participants when they register for the live stream. It allows us to prepare in advance, resulting in clearer and more personalised answers.

Bernhard Grundner
HR Marketing Future Talent Programmes

Since starting to use CareeFairy’s platform around 2 years ago, we have seen a significant increase in registrations, and participation in our Traineeship live streams. As for me, I find it far easier to manage, as everything is in one place. It's also great that I didn’t have to undergo a steep onboarding process, as the platform is simple to use and the support is always at hand.

Kira Seffens
Expert Campus Recruiting & University Relations
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CareerFairy’s live-streaming platform in a nutshell.
Make your virtual communication more personal
Reach more students and graduates, faster, through your own live-streamed career events that let you:
Run polls, quizzes and icebreakers to help drive engagement
Chat with or invite participants to join the live discussion
Collect feedback from participants at any time during the live stream
Build your university talent network throughout Europe 
Because CareerFairy integrates with over 40+ ATS systems - including SAP Success Factors, Sage and Workday - you can collect applications for open roles in-stream.

You can also:
Have participant and application data sent automatically to your ATS
Export a list of all participants and their contact details in Excel format to reach out after the live stream
Invite participants to join your company’s talent pool for upcoming opportunities
Analyse crucial data on your audience to improve your recruitment programmes
Analyse success metrics and recruitment data on your private dashboard and via ATS integration.
Participant demographics
Registration sources
Diversity data

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Deliver your employer brand message to graduate talent more personally.

Streamline university relations across Europe. With less travel and greater results.

Reach more talent, from more universities
Offer young talent an authentic view into daily life of your company
Showcase innovative projects and meaningful initiatives
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In-stream recruiting is something that Zoom and Teams can’t do. But now, with CareerFairy you can.

We don’t do the hiring for you. But we've streamlined the rest.

Receive applications in-stream for hard-to-fill roles or trainee programmes
Reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire
Ensure higher applicant cultural fit
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Boost your recruitment team’s productivity
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