About Us

We are a fast-growing HR-Tech startup on a mission!
We create open and accessible digital bridges between young talent and the professional world.

Our core values
Start-up mentality
We believe that failing forwards is vital for creativity.
We aim to provide the best live stream experience for both young talent and companies.
We embrace honesty in our workplace to strengthen teamwork and generate new ideas.
our team

Kandeeban Uthayarajah

Business Development CH

Maximilian Voss


Gary Terol

Business Development

Daniel Butt

Marketing Manager

Ramona Neff


Nina Rikken

Talent Growth Working Student

Simone Angeloni

Product Manager

Carlos Rijo

Software Engineer

Hugo Lammers

Business Development NL & Finance

Thomas Schulz


Habib Kadiri

Software Engineer

Erdi Gökbayrak

Head of Business Development

Carolina Gentsch

Business Development DE

Nina Zienau

Business Development Intern

Gonçalo Santos

Software Engineer

Lisa Brandenberger

Talent Growth Manager

Linda Fairgrieve

Head of Marketing

Fabian Koolstra

Business Development UK

Lucas Castro

UX / UI Designer

Bruno Flütsch

Marketing and Localisation Manager